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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printed Circuit Boards And PCB Assembly

    If you are not engaged in the world of electronics, it is likely that you have never even heard of printed circuit boards or PCBs. Nevertheless, even if you might not be able to appreciate its creation or construction, its value in the technological industry cannot be denied.

    PCBNot only can a printed circuit board be used in almost every piece of technology, the actual PCB assembly process itself is considered a marvel in modern electronic parts production. The main board itself is composed of a fabricated plastic with embedded copper tracks. The copper tracks function as the guide for the placement of the external components. In order to strengthen the bond between the board and its individual components, it is often subjected to extreme heat and soldered into place.

    Although the printed circuit board is still unmatched in both quality and convenience in terms of PCB assembly, it still has its own share of both pros and cons.

    Listed below are a few of the things that you should consider when manufacturing and using printed circuit boards.
    Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

    Fixed Components

    Unlike the manually constructed bread board, the PCB assembly process ensures that all components are permanently fixed onto the printed circuit board. Likewise, the streamlined electronic process eliminates the need for complex and cumbersome wiring systems. The simple design makes it easier for users to maintain and manipulate the boards depending on their needs.

    Minimized short circuits

    Printed circuit boards are specifically designed to lessen the chances of shorts and wiring issues. Since the copper tracks are already embedded into the board during the PCB assembly process, there will be no chances of misaligning or misplacing the wires.

    Printed circuit boards

    Additionally, the fact that the entire PCB assembly process is conducted by a computer means that there will be very little room for error. The computer can check the board throughout the entire design process and correct any errors that it finds before it even reaches the end of the production line. Therefore, you will be hard pressed to find any short circuits in a modern printed circuit board.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Since the printed circuit boards all undergo a strict inspection throughout the entire production process, there is very little need for a final inspection. Simple testing can be conducted to demonstrate the product, but you will no longer need to worry about poorly designed components or sudden short circuits. The fully automated procedure considerably increases the chances of a working circuit board compared to a man-made bread board.

    Cost effective mass production

    PCB FabricationAs long as you have a finished working design, it is already possible to create several printed circuit boards in a single production run. After all, you will only need to load the design files onto the computer and wait for it to print and etch the design onto the copper board. Since you will hardly need any manpower, you can save a considerable amount even if you choose to mass produce your boards.

    Unlimited reproduction capabilities

    Once a single schematic design or layout is saved on the computer, you can reuse and reproduce it as many times as you want. This makes it ideal for creating several batches of multiple, identical boards. This technological convenience will save you both time and money in the long run.

    The Disadvantage of Printed Circuit Boards

    Although printed circuit boards undoubtedly have a number of advantages over the competition, it still has its own fair share of disadvantages. Though these disadvantages should not deter you from choosing to invest in printed circuit boards, they are things that you should take into consideration.

    Complicated repair process

    Although the assembly and production process guarantees a working finished product, it is unfortunately difficult to repair a printed circuit board once it has been damaged. Though it is strong enough to handle daily wear and tear, it will eventually breakdown with constant use.

    Printed circuit board

    While manually made bread boards are less sturdy and more prone to short circuits, the removable individual components makes them much easier to repair. After all, if a single component breaks down, you will only need to replace that single part. Conversely, you will need to replace the entire board once any component is damaged since each part is soldered into place.

    Production process causes environmental degradation

    Since the entire production process heavily relies on the use of both technology and toxic chemicals, it is a given that certain environmental concerns will arise. Since the workers who make bread boards cannot be exposed to toxic chemicals, the boards themselves are also less harmful to the environment. In this regard, manually made bread boards are much more eco-friendly compared to their printed counterparts.

    Fixed and specific use

    Unfortunately, a printed circuit board can only perform the single task that it was designed to do. It cannot be reprogrammed or updated after it is produced. If you need to test a different circuit or design, you will need to reprint another board.

    In the end, it will be up to you to decide whether a printed circuit board or another type of board will suit your needs. The important thing is to know what each board is capable of and to weigh those pros and cons to come up with the best choice.

  • Property
  • Demand in Commercial Real Estate Long Island

    When considering commercial real estate in Long Island, never skip the opportunity for an ocular inspection. This is not an assurance on the brokers anyway that you are buying the property.

    As much as you would like to be frugal on your finances when making an investment, making a low-priced purchase now should be foregone to checking out the property first. Long Island takes pride in its prime spots located right at the beach. But some units and parcels of land tend to come up short of expectations once the ocular inspection happens.

    propertyinvestmentSometimes, the brokers could find a way around it. But if you could feel that you are dealing with the likes that sold snake oil, stay away from such agents. Some agents would exaggerate features and amenities on their brochures and online ads just to secure a quick buck. Don’t fall into that trap because it is your hard-earned money that you would be pouring into the investment.

    Prime spots in li-realestatefinder include beach-front properties suitable for putting up a grill or a retail kiosk catering to beach goers. Most of these spots get sold in such a short time that you need to check options that are at least 5 blocks away from the beach. Locals often have the time to walk around the area and visit stalls either on the beach itself or just nearby. Just the same, both spots are commercially viable. It makes commercial real estate Long Island a lucrative opportunity at some point.

    Why is a beach-front spot often categorized as a prime spot? This is due to the fact that at any point of the economy, whether it’s up or down, people would still find a way to go to the beach and unwind. It may not always be to take a dip by the waters. The opportunity to enjoy tranquility and the laid back environment are plus points in making properties such lucrative opportunities.

    Sometimes, you ask yourself several years down the line once you have secured a spot if the business still made sense in the future. Most of the time, yes; it is just a matter of positioning your business that would not only cater to the needs of the Long Island locals and expats but would also provide employment to everyone who needed it.

    No wonder a beach-front spot is always in demand in commercial real estate Long Island no matter what status the economy could get into. People will always find ways to go to the beach for relaxation. Most locals take advantage of the fact that the beach is just nearby for them to hop into whenever the urge to dip kicks in. With the constant influx of people to the seashores, there would always be a ready market for grills and retail kiosks that you plan to put up right on the spot.

    real estateIf you foresee running out of space on the beachfront properties in commercial real estate Long Island, let some properties located 5 blocks or less away from the beach as back-up plans. In an environment as laid back and homey as Long Island, you would not run out of pedestrians looking for a good trinket to keep or a sumptuous dinner. Call your nearest real estate broker and see what options are available for you in Long Island.

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    Prime spots in li-realestatefinder include beach-front properties suitable for putting up a grill or a retail kiosk catering to beach goers. Call your nearest real estate broker and see what options are available for you in Long Island.
  • Golf
  • Factors to Look Into When Choosing Golf Balls

    One of the most crucial things a golfer would have to do is to pick out his golf balls. This might be daunting for beginners, but it is something that you cannot—and should not—avoid. It’s not as easy as going to your nearest sports outlet and buying the first bag of balls you see. Every good golfer would have a rationale for his particular choice of balls. It’s really less of a science and more of an art, but there’s no need to worry. To help you out, here are some of the factors you have to take into consideration when buying golf balls.

    Note that these are just some of the factors you would have to take into account, among many this, however, is already a good start to help you decide on what to pick.

    golf ballYour first consideration will be spin. Naturally, your skill level influences this however, the design of the ball is also a crucial factor, which could negatively or positively affect your game. Golf balls with lesser spin are easier to control, because they have lesser tendencies to deviate from the ball trajectory. These are also less sensitive to mishits—you minimize the effect of hooking and slicing. Because the ball inherently has less spin, the ball plays down your miscue. The only drawback here is that it might be difficult to get the ball to stop quickly when you are on the putting green. However, a little extra backspin should help you with an approach shot.

    Because of all these factors, beginners and players with higher handicaps prefer playing using golf balls with less spin. Balls with higher spin rates are preferred by the more experienced golfers, but you must be confident with your swing before you graduate from the balls with less spin.

    The next factor to look into is the distance the golf ball can give. Again, skill comes into the equation but the golf ball itself can affect your game. Size and weight are the primary considerations when it comes to distance. For maximum distance, you should go for balls that have less air resistance during flight. Air resistance is the amount of air the ball would have to displace in order to reach its target destination.

    While it might seem counter intuitive, a heavier golf ball is likelier to reach longer distances than a lighter one. That is because the increased mass means it is slowed down less by air resistance. This is also why the standard set for weight is a maximum of 1.620 ounces or 45.93 grams.

    Meanwhile, the opposite is true for size. For a golf ball, size is inversely proportional to distance. That means the smaller the ball is, the likelier it is to reach longer distances. This is again also due to the principles of air resistance smaller balls need to displace less air in flight. Because of this, the standard set for size is a minimum (as opposed to that for weight, which is a maximum), at a diameter that should not go down below 1.680 inches or 42.67 millimeters. Naturally, manufacturers prefer to make the smallest and heaviest possible balls.

    The last factor to look into is the cost. Two-piece golf balls are the cheapest three-piece types are slightly more expensive; while four-piece types, the newest kind in the industry, are the most expensive. Beginners should buy the cheaper balls since they are likely to lose a lot of these as they start. That is, unless you have the extra cash and you are willing to buy the more expensive types. Otherwise, sticking to two-piece variants is your best bet as you start playing golf.

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  • Military
  • Being ‘In-Charge’ of Your Military Coins

    Are you a decorated member of the military? Someone who offers his entire life on public service and awarded with excellence by the government’s military unit, or just a collector/hobbyist?

    Maybe we caught your attention by putting ‘those words’ in the title above. Yes! You are correct, that this topic is all about military coins…round, shiny, colorful coins and we’ll show you some tips on how to maintain its glorious and pristine condition.

    But before that, did you know that military coins were used by different soldiers around the world as a tool for a drinking game? That’s interesting.

    MilitaryMany collectors trade and buy military coins in the market, just like stamps, Batman action figures, and paintings in order to achieve a higher selling value it must be carefully placed in a dust-free area, not exposing it too much to the light etc.

    Here are some helpful tools for you:

    1.    Holders – considering that you are a collector, you might already have a more than a handful of military coins. If you want to ‘show-off’ those collections, a fiber glass cabinet may be just the right fit for you. There are also wooden boxes and a collaboration of the two. Metal isn’t an option for it may create a chemical reaction to your coins depending on the humidity and temperature of the room where you keep it. You should choose according to the current quantity plus the quantity of the coins that you may acquire in the future. You may not worry because we have different designs for you.

    2.    Cleaning cloth – For newly- produced military coins, the most recommended cloth would be a micro-fiber cloth; of course it may still vary depending on the coin type. Ancient coins must be washed using a special liquid to just remove the tarnishing and maintain its color. Some coins must be rubbed gently to avoid ruining the engraved design.

    3.    Cleaning agents – There are several coin-cleaning soaps and baths for copper, silver, gold that diminishes the dirt. But you should consider practicing with some modern coins as it is very easy to ruin a coin or challenge coin if you don’t know what you are doing.

    4.    Cotton coin gloves – Use these if you want to avoid scratching the coins with your nails or you are just simply too vain to trim them.

    5.    Vibration Cleaners – Portable, battery-operated vibration cleaner for coins, medals, jewelry, and many other items.Using ultrasonic waves for cleaning coins must be so awesome! In this process the machine uses the technique called acoustic cleaning.

    The above mentioned tools will help you maintain those treasured coins of yours. But in case, you still lack on budget on buying those apparatuses, we have option B.

    Now for newbies, here’s an alternative way of taking care of your challenge coins…but first!

    Disclaimer: The following suggestions, instructions are not verified as the conventional way of cleaning your collections. Follow at your own risk, if unsure, you should consult an expert coin dealer or collector.


    Now you may prepare warm and clean water in a small basin or any wide-mouthed container.

    Choose a cleaning soap, detergent powders or bars are not recommended for it has a strong chemical that might damage the coins and your hands. Dish washing liquids are okay or maybe hand soap.Gently place coins in the container then apply a small amount of soap.

    To avoid microscopic scratches, use your bare hands to clean it, DO NOT use brushes or sponge. Softly rub the coins until dirt is removed. Also, never rub all coins altogether, just one coin at a time.

    After that, rinse the coins using cold running water and a final rinse of distilled water. Lastly, you may put it in a soft cloth and allow it to air dry.

    That is it! We hope that we lessen you’re worries and added knowledge on how to protect your military coin collectibles. Good luck and happy trading!

  • Motivation
  • Joining the Ranks of the Successful Motivational speakers

    Motivational speakers borrow their craft or business from the orators of ancient civilizations like the Romans. Works like Cicero’s have been heralded as one of the earliest works of motivational speeches, and since then, more or and more people have found a line of through giving speeches. Somewhere along the timeline, the name of “orators” were replaced by “motivational speakers”, and that’s is what people still call them today.

    Motivational speeches could be of any topic – it’s up to the motivational speakers to convey the passion of the topic and impart a lasting message to their audiences. With good experience in public speaking, the ability to feel the mood of the audience, and with a love for a certain topic or situation, any person could become a good motivational speaker. If a person wants to try to get into motivational speaking, here are a few ways on how to get into it:


    •    Identify a topic that a person feels strongly about

    A person needs to connect with the topic, it has to be something he feels very strongly about. He won’t be a good motivational speaker if he doesn’t really care about the topic he’s talking about. It could be a social problem, a way to success, virtually anything is on the table. It’s just a matter of finding that topic that a person and his audience could connect to.

    •    The topic needs to be relevant

    While some topics may stand the test of time and still manage to be relevant today (such as some social problems), a person will notice that motivational speakers won’t talk about the role of women in the 1950’s or why quills and pens are the best writing implements ever. Audiences want to hear why they should care about a certain topic that exists right now.

    •    A person needs to be an expert on the topic

    If a person wants to talk about a certain topic, he needs to know the topic inside out. Whether there are any latest developments regarding the topic, its history (if it has any), and the different viewpoints people have about it. Open forums are common after a motivational speech, and people will be asking all sorts of questions about the topic and the speech. The person who delivered the speech should be able to answer the questions without any problems, and sound well-learned when he does. It adds to the person’s credibility as an expert on the topic and will mostly likely be called on to give the talk again to another audience to inspire them.

    •    Change the delivery depending on the audience

    A group of students will be engaged differently as a group of professionals. A person giving a motivational speech needs to be able to change and adapt his topic delivery based on the audience he’s facing. If he feels that a certain audience won’t like a lecture-like talk, then maybe he could add in a few activities or put a lot of humor.

    •    Enroll in public-speaking classes

    Some like to practice talking in front of mirrors or practice on their friends or families, but a proper public-speaking class will teach a person techniques on delivery and train him with talking to a large group of people he doesn’t know. And since the teachers will be professional public speakers, they will be able to point out and correct any mistakes that a person might make and suggest improvements.

    •    Plan ahead and think about materials and props

    Some motivational speakers use props to illustrate their points, other use PowerPoint presentations and videos to help them and provide the audience with a visual guide.

  • Weight Loss
  • Taking HCG

    Young woman putting medicine with a dropper into her mouthHCG is the abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. The hormone is present within the bodies of pregnant women. The HCG comprises of glycol-proteins that help the developing baby to gain access to the body fats of mother’s body for nourishing the growth activities. The hormone is also detectable in mother’s urine and blood and can be detected in order to diagnose pregnancy after 11 days of conceiving. So in 1950 dr. Simeons provided the concept that if the hormone can help utilize the fats in pregnant women then it can have an effect for fat loss in any body. So when taken the HCG orally or through injection it can be very helpful for those who seek weight loss diet plans that works for sure.

    The HCG dietary instructions

    ImageThe HCG dietary instruction comprises of strict following of the dietary plan. The dietary plan can be of two types each consisting of two phases. One is the loading phase and the other is the maintenance phase. Before starting up from any of the dietary plans consisting of 23 days plan or 40 days dietary plan. The person must spend two days for eating up high calorie fatty foods in order to make up a store for fats in order to be used in the next 38 days of low calorie diet of 500 calorie. The diet plan is a low calorie diet plan and has to be followed strictly .After the loading phase with 500 calorie diet then is the turn of maintenance phase. In the maintenance phase the person should avoid the high protein and starch as well as sugar foods. And during the whole dietary plan you have to take the HCG drops according to the prescribed dosage from a physician.

    Hcg Homeopathic drops advantage over HCG injections

    HCG injections are a good choice in order to administer the HCG into the body for considerable weight loss. But it has been found that many people are reluctant to continuous injecting practices and some develop allergic reactions in reaction to the injection .Some people have also complained about nausea, vomiting and dizzy feelings after taking injections. It may be the result of being expired or other harm to the injection.

    The process of administering the injection is also a complicated one and can be irritable for most of the individuals.

    But in other case if you go for the homeopathic HCG drops it has a lot more advantage as compared to the HCG injections. HCG homeopathic drops are easy to administer and easy to handle as no refrigeration is required for the drops. The drops are to be administered directly into the mouth below the tongue and hold them for 30 seconds for their absorption into the blood stream through mouth. They can carried anywhere and need not to be stored at specific temperature. HCG homeopathic drops have longer shelf life and no harmful effects regarding the use of HCG homeopathic drops are reported since now.